Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What Lauren Likes - Windsor Edition

Hey, remember me?
It has been awhile, I'd say a year or more since I've written to you
Why I stopped writing you ask? Simple...

I fell in love. 

January 13th 2012 I met my future husband.

July 6th 2014 is the wedding day.

I'm in school full time, working towards graduating this June.
We need to find an apartment, move out before the wedding and 
still haven't registered for towels. 
I have eaten a box of timbits though,
stressed yes, maybe a bit.
I've accepted 4 more students in my piano studio, no idea how I will fit in 15 students in, but do you realize how expensive flowers are for weddings?
Pour me a drink. 

Needless to say, this blog now has been taken over by wedding plans, being on a budget, Windsor Ontario happenings, school stress vents and of course food! It is my blog after all......

This is now my life now as a 21 year old Windsorite; trying to survive full time school, part time work, living at home, sharing a room with a 16 year old. Add trying to eat healthy, working out, AND saving my social life.  
I'm desperate need a caffeine IV.

Send help, and foie gras. 

Also! Stay tuned for new posts on the following....

1. The engagement story and shoot- featuring Windsor's own Juniper Books and Every Little Wonder Photography. Plus how I set aside time to plan a wedding, write papers, teach piano and cook with my love. 
Hint, it involves copious amounts of caffeine. 

2. Ways to deal with bridal stress, school stress, work stress, family stress. Answering those awkward wedding questions during family functions and ways I've used to save money while planning the wedding.

Random collection of thoughts, hopefully you're all still following me

Dang, still Tuesday.



1 comment:

cheesymiteapples said...

Congratulations so happy for you! Looking forward to seeing more blog posts from you.
I haven't blogged in over a year as well. Should probably try and get back into it.

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