Thursday, 7 November 2013

Staying alive during midterm season

Hey all!

Yes today's post is more about stress and survival, rather than wedding planning bliss, because truthfully, life has not been to blissful, nor balanced.

see below for a visual example...
Me trying to balance everything in my life right now....


Let me break it down for you  in point form so we all understand).
- I have four papers due next week. Have I started them? No.
- I have not completed any reading for my classes this week or next.
- November is the month from hell, meaning every professor believes it's a good idea to put all assignments on the same day. Heaven help me.


- I still have not registered for towels, nor any of the new Home Sense spring items, the amount of reminder emails I receive from them is getting quite overwhelming. How will I furnish my Pintrest apartment 
(we still haven't found one yet....)
- On that note...I have not checked my email in a week (cue 400 million emails waiting for me)
- On the note, I was exaggerating, over 400 million emails would be ridiculous.
- I got a call yesterday that my wedding dress was in for the first fitting (Hooray!)

- I've gained 5 pounds (plus)
- I'm scared to go on the scale now
- I've become addicted to lattes (not helping my dress/scale fears)



I'm going to stop here to save your sanity. My brain is a scary place and this list above is a stress rant.
So, this where this post gets positive, for as stressful as life can get, I'm reminding myself to take it one step at a time, one task at a time. I'm striving to make time for what is important, placing a focus on what I can get done each day, doing that fully and to the best of my ability. I'm going to live, enjoy this crazy ridiculous busy time in my life and pray things work out for the best. Thank heaven for fiances, family and food (obviously). If any/all of you are reading this, I thank you; thank you for helping me, dealing with me, and hugging me when I need it (which all the time).

cookie monster

How am I staying sane you may ask? How do I cope with school, work, wedding planning, apartment hunting (and decorating)? Well these guidelines have been keeping me afloat.

1. Sleep; seriously guys and girls, do not underestimate the power 8 plus hours can give you, without sleep you will have less focus, get less done, and cry sporadically at anything (or is that just me.....)

2. Eat well and often; People, when you eat well you feel better, plus more fruits and vegetables do wonders for your whole body, don't forget to live though. Indulge and practice everything but in moderation.

3. Do not make school, midterms, work, etc the one and only priority in your life. Do not forget you have a life, and should live it. Make time for friends, hug your family, be a friend to have friends. In the long run you will thank yourself.

4. Along the lines of tip number 3, find things that de-stress you, things you enjoy doing. You need time for yourself even when you have a million things to do. Take a bath, go for a walk, make cookies, watch junky television, be kind to yourself by making time just for you.

5. Sweat: If any of you are like me, maybe sweating is not to appealing, and for me it is not, not at all. However I've combined gym time with friend time, I force a friend (well she forces me) to gym and gossip sessions twice a week. Working out will clear your mind, plus make you more focused during school and work. Not to mention you'll be a happier person overall. Combining a workout with a friends is a great way to get your mind off "sweating" and more focus on your friend.

Be #happy, be healthy.

Only five tips because I don't want to overwhelm you again. I hope you've been able to follow this random mash up of thoughts. I hope it helps somewhat...
Remember! Your life is more than school deadlines, pay cheques, new curtains or towels.
Life is yours to live, so live it.

Keep tremendously interested.

Hope that wasn't to cheesy for you all, these really are just thoughts that have been on my mind lately.
I'll be back with more wedding things next post (think veil and show decisions)

Oooh! Just got so excited now
I'm getting married!!
240 days (but who's counting?)




naomi_zuliani said...

Love this. <3
&& I think you're doing pretty great considering all thats at hand. <3 love you lady.

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